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Part of the difference between our top-rated firm and others is that we don't hand your case off to inexperienced attorneys who are handling hundreds of cases at a time. Our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys personally oversee every case, and we have a small but mighty team to keep a close focus on your case and how to successfully defend it. Our goal is very simple: To provide the absolute best and most respected criminal defense that money can buy because we understand that each case is incredibly important and has long-lasting consequences to each of our clients. With over 500 cases dismissed, we have and will continue to represent people from every walk of life, including police officers and judges who get arrested. Whether you are charged with a minor offense or serious felony, we are ready to aggressively defend you.

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Top-rated criminal defense at the Law Offices of Hart J. Levin. Welcome to the premier criminal defense firm in Los Angeles. We have successfully defended thousands of misdemeanor and felony criminal charges in all Southern California courts, earning a reputation as talented, aggressive, and successful criminal defense attorneys delivering outstanding results for our clients. We are dedicated to giving our clients personal attention and an intense focus on how to best resolve their criminal matter. If you or someone you know is being charged with a crime or under investigation by a police agency, it is urgent that you find a skilled and respected criminal defense attorney to quickly come to your rescue.


The criminal justice system is designed to get as many convictions as possible without regard to your future or the truth of what actually occurred. At the Law Offices of Hart J. Levin, we know how to successfully fight cases due to our unique perspective as former prosecutors. Having previously prosecuted thousands of felonies and misdemeanors, I learned how dangerous the system can be for someone who does not have a strong and skilled attorney by their side. When your freedom is on the line, your job at stake, and your livelihood at risk, you need prior prosecutors who have excellent relationships with judges and current prosecutors and can get the job done. Part of our winning strategy is to understand the approach the DA or prosecutor will take in each case using our own personal knowledge of the prosecutor's office, its policies, and conviction goals.


We keep you informed on your case and are always ready to answer your questions 24/7. As a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney and former deputy district attorney, Hart J. Levin has handled every type of criminal charge and has seen how the DA prosecutes each crime from an insider's view. This experience allows Hart J. Levin to help countless clients avoid jail and prison. During the times our clients are very concerned about their future, we empathetically listen to the issue and share with them a strategy to resolve it.


At the Law Offices of Hart J. Levin, we make the prosecutor hand over all evidence available against our client. We use our own private investigators to gather all remaining evidence that makes the difference between winning and losing a case. We then meticulously analyze all documentation ensuring that we identify and preserve all sensitive evidence that will be involved in your case. And, we consult with the client directly to develop a top-notch defense strategy.

With over 100 years of combined experience, we offer expertise, experience, and talent that is simply put - second to none. We are humbled and honored to be awarded and recognized as one of the top criminal defense firms in the nation, and the highest-rated in Southern California, year after year.

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